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npm install kohlchan




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>>3508134 Wat the fuck
There are none
>>3520945 >because when I talk to people I see, you dont have to do it for us Bernd.
A man walks into a bar. He's an alcohol and it's destroying his family.
>>3517763 it feels very good
>>3520781 yes, i like to think i'm a scholar
>>3521101 >having car with antilock brakes Fucking oligarch
What are downsides of dating 19-20 yo girl? [spoiler]me 26[/spoiler] ''never-had-date-bernd''
>>3521034 Their """"relationship"""" started in 1932. You cannot use the "wartime" excuse; it's clear what was going on.
>>3521092 >Identical twins have the same exact mind yet are different people and personalities entirely But that's wrong, you
>>1810545 die blaue Ersatzflüssigkeit fehlt
>>3521101 panicking alone without real death rick is how you learn.
>>1808583 Bedanke dich bei den Hurensöhnen die Unterhalt und schuldfreie Scheidungen eingeführt haben.
post rare boerkes
>>1810658 >Das Problem ist, dass Mullen hier die Notbremse ziehen, wenn ein Betapeter sowas vorschlägt. Das ist doch der Hauptge
I try to find compromise. There was an acquaintance of mine who, like you, critisized me for saying things not precisely enough.
>>1808583 >>1809245 wzf? Unterhaltspflicht nur bis zum dritten Lebensjahr des Kindes. Fertig. Für das Kind wird so oder so gezah
>>3521061 You gon die
>>1810656 Kann man nichts machen
>>3521069 >>3521077 I aint retarded, i think i could handle it Also i dont know any small cars that dont look like shit for femo
>>3521048 Good thing the loli wasnt alone...
>>1810655 Genieße deinen Tod durch Langeweile. KEK.
>>3521077 >Honestly, you need to get something that puts no more than 100bhp through the front wheels My first car was a 5201
>>3521091 Why would anyone want to genocide such a lovely people?
Call the police and tell them that there is terrorists preparing for the blow out himself in a mall.
>>1810647 >haben zusammen sein Facebook-Profil belauscht Wobei das keine gute Übersetzung von lurk ist.
>>3521087 That's my counterpoint. The purpose of alcohol is to get some kind of satisfaction out of using it; it makes you feel